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JAD Databases subscribers - Important notice regarding change in access mode

JKP is pleased to announce a major upgrade to Japan Approvals Database (JAD). We are certain you will benefit from the enhanced content, features and improved functionality - see below for details. Log in today to see the enhancements for yourself. Listed below are the major changes affecting the way you could login, read and search the JAD Database:
  1. The legacy tabular variant of JAD Database providing tabbed interface browsing of the database is no longer available. Instead, all subscribers will have access to the new, ultra-fast interface providing additional option to see each individual record.
  2. The login into JAD is now significantly shorten and simplified by omitting the multi-step selection login procedure. With the new variant, all subscribers regardless of the level of their subscription privileges need to follow the 2 steps as detailed below.
  3. The core part of JAD Database, the JAD Basic now contains nearly 1,000 records - considerably more than the legacy variant due to increased itemization of the individual records and inclusion of data covering 1997 and 1998 approvals as well (ongoing). Thus, at present JAD covers a 10-year period (1997-2007) what coincides with the longest re-examination period allowed for drugs approved in Japan.
  4. The new user interface offers improved and enriched search and sorting capabilities for both product and maker data.
  5. The new design of the data fields displaying the availability of regulatory documents (Package Inserts, Approval Review, Summary Basis of Approval and others, such product images) also allows to identify products approved in the past 10 year but not re-approved in re-examination review or being withdrawn from the market.

Note: If you are single user type subscriber in either of the above login steps you may opt to have your User ID and password memorized on a particular computer, what will speed up the login during your next user sessions.

Please, note that at present JAD Database consist of JAD Basic database and extended databases: JAD Orphan Drug Designations (JAD-ODD), JAD Japan Master Files (JAD-MF) and JAD Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (JAD-AFM), as either database is available for a separate subscription or in combination with JAD Basic.
For all current customers, who have subscribed only to JAD Basic Database, JK Publishing is pleased to offer 50-25% discount if subscribed to any of the extended databases or to all. For further details, please inquire to Order Dept. at orders(at)jouhoukoukai.com.

Further requests for clarification of regulatory issues or particular products should be forwarded to regulatory(at)jouhoukoukai.com

Service email: May 10, 2007