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November 14, 2011: JKS News: The Japanese Government Prime Minister Official Residence in TokyoPrime Minister Official Residence in Tokyo enters into the discussion for joining Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) amid strong domestic opposition - including from the Japan Medical Association Japan Medical Association HeadofficeJapan Medical Association Headoffice whose concern is the potential destruction of the current single-payer universal health insurance system and its replacement with US-style for-profit healthcare ...P&R / Health insurance, pricing & reimbursement consulting

November 4, 2011: MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo amending the Ministerial Ordinance to ban pharmacies granting loyalty points to patients purchasing prescription medicines; major drugstore and pharmacy chain Sugi Holdings KK plan to respond by doubling its highly-demanded home and medical facilities drug dispensing and delivery services ... Distribution operations consulting

October 3, 2011: MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo annouced the healthcare spendings for the fiscal year FY 2009 (ending March 2010): an increase of 3.4% (compared to FY 2008) 36.67 trillion Yen; spendings for 75 and over was 855,800 Yen per capita ammounting to 11.73 trillion Yen (32.6%); average per capita medical spendings was 282,400 Yen, totaling to 10.61% of national income... P&R / Market access consulting

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