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December 17, 2012: JKS News: The MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo plan to expand the Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Program by setting 400 designated cancer hospitals, staffed with specialists, including psychology counselors ... Oncology drugs consulting

November 7, 2012: Biosimilars update: The Second Subcommittee of Drugs of PAFSC, MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo on October 31, 2012 recommended for approval the second biosimilar drug developed in Japan - biosimilar filgrastim (G-CSF), produced by technology of Gene TechnoSciences, clinically tested by Fuji Seiyaku and to marketed by Mochida Seiyaku Mochida Seiyaku signed an agreement with LG Biosciences for marketing in Japan of biosimilar infliximab and etanercept developed by the Korean company ... Biosimilar consulting

October 1, 2012: MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo announced the healthcare spending Healthcare spend FY2011Healthcare spend FY2011 for the fiscal year FY 2011 (ending March 2012): an increase of 3.9% (compared to FY 2010) to reach total of 37.42 trillion Yen; spending for over 65 old was 702,700 Yen per capita amounting to 20.72 trillion Yen (55.4% of total spend); average per capita medical spending was 292,200 Yen. Total healthcare spend took 10.71% of national income, as the biggest allocation was for treatment of cardiovascular conditions, followed by cancer and respiratory diseases (as illustrated above)... P&R / Market access consulting

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