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Japan Approvals Database (JAD) has started in May 2001 as the table "New Product Disclosure Index" and grew to become the JAD Databases, containing in the present June 2008 edition near 18,000 entries, representing all products with new active ingredients approved from January 1999 up to date.

JAD Databases is published by Jouhou Koukai Publishing, a business of JKS LLC.


  • The JAD database contains data on the medicinal products approved in Japan by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for nine years - from 1999 to present. The latest additions to JAD are for June 2008.

  • There are four categories of regulated medicinal products in Japan: drugs, medical devices, quasi-drugs and cosmetics. The JAD database contains data on "drugs" category - pharmaceutical, biologicals, contrast media, radiopharmaceuticals and combination products.

  • The medicinal products are approved by the Japanese pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in four rounds annually: January, April, July and October. The new issues of the JAD follow the same pattern. The new data are added to the database generally within a week after the approval.

  • The JAD is searchable in two different ways: from the search engine of the JKS Group web sites available for all users and visitors, and from the JAD-only search facility - available only to the JAD subscribers.


  • The JAD Database consists of 3 main parts: 1) JAD Basic; 2) JAD Extended Databases; and 3) JAD Resources (click on the link below to see a visual representation) - see structure overview

  • The entries in JAD Basic Database contain the following information: maker/importer, brand name, generic name, formulation, packaging, doses, name of generics variants, co-marketer/co-promoters, availability of Package Insert (PI), Approval Review (AR), Summary Basis of Approval (SBA), other Retrievable Documents (RD) and comments (if applicable).

  • JAD Extended Databases at present consist of 5 databases: JAD Orphan Drug Designations (JAD-ODD), JAD Japan Master Files (JAD-MF), JAD Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (JAD-AFM), JAD Submitted for Approval (JAD-SUB) and JAD Profiles of Approved Drugs (JAD-PRO Beta)as either database is available for a separate subscription or in combination with JAD Basic. Visit the demo site for more information. For a screenshot view, click on the link below to have snapshots of user experience.

  • JAD Resources as a part of JAD are not available for a separate subscription, access is free for the registered users of JAD Database.

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