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March 14, 2011: JKS News: The Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake of March 11 caused blackouts in Tokyo Metropolitan area restricted the working hours of retail pharmacies and drug-stores amid the pollen-allergy and flu seasons; Seijo chain of the Cocokara Fine Holdings KK group Cocokara Fine Holdings KK logoCocokara Fine Holdings KK logo closed unusually early, as the impact on OTC trade still unknown ... Drugstore operations and OTC consulting
March 10, 2011: The World Kidney Day is observed in Japan; the umbrella Japan Association of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiative (J-CKDI) strives to increase the public awareness on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ... Kidney diseases and dialysis market in Japan | Epidemiology of CKD
February 23, 2011: JKS News: The biotechnology-oriented Kyowa Hakko Kirin KK Kyowa Hakko Kirin KK logoKyowa Hakko Kirin KK logo launched 40 billion Yen bid to fully acquire specialty pharmaceuticals firm ProStrakan Group Plc ProStrakan Group Plc logoProStrakan Group Plc logo; on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) the KHK share prices dropped ... Kyowa Hakko Kirin products in JAD Databases | Archived story  |  Related reading
February 18, 2011: Flu pandemic in Japan (update 15) - new drugs: The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) NIIDNIID reported the first case of Peramivir-resistant flu case in pediatric patient; on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) share price of Shionogi Seiyaku KK Shionogi Seiyaku headoffice in OsakaShionogi Seiyaku headoffice in Osaka decreased notably ... Anti-flu products in JAD Databases | Epidemiology consulting and data
January 28, 2011: JKS News: The Government rejected the "hastily made" court proposal for compensation of the eligible Iressa patients the enormous sum required for Hepatitis B compensation could require a significant increase of the consumption tax ... Anti-HBV/HCV products in JAD Databases | Epidemiology consulting and data
January 26, 2011: JKS News: The Government Revitalization Unit announced 250 different deregulation measures, including the highly contested online and mail order sales of category III non-prescription drugs; if the proposal is approved in late March, the market access shall be significantly changed the top four OTC makers are reporting 6 straight year of sales and profit growth ... Market access consulting | Policy consulting
January 13, 2011: JKS News: Tokyo and Osaka District Courts proposed settlement for the cases with Iressa side effects as jointly the Government and AstraZeneca KK should provide a redress in the range of 180 million Yen for patients; the Sapporo District Court handling the Hepatitis B suits concluded that about 1.3 million patients shall be compensated and to be receiving free medical treatment in the next 30 years as the total cost of 3.2 trillion Yen to be borne by the state ... AstraZeneca products in JAD Databases | Epidemiology consulting and data
January 6, 2011: JKS News: As the new 2011 year - the year of rabbit, started in Japan, expectations are high for the recovery of the pharmaceutical and medical devices markets ... Market access consulting

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