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June 23, 2011: JKS News: The generics industry leader Sawai Seiyaku KK to launch generic versions of Actos of Takeda Yakuhin Kogyo KK Takeda Yakuhin Kogyo KK HQ in Osaka Midosuji BldgTakeda Yakuhin Kogyo KK HQ in Osaka Midosuji Bldg and of Radicut of Tanabe Mitsubishi Seiyaku KK Tanabe-Mitsubishi logoTanabe-Mitsubishi logo ... Takeda and TM product details in JAD Databases... previous Sawai news  |  sources | Generics report preview

June 14, 2011: JKS News: The number of the registered in Japan Drug Master Files (MF) has reached 2,712 and the number of Accredited Foreign Manufacturers (AFM) stands at 8,111 entities ... Generics report preview | Key report reading

June 6, 2011: JKS News: The 30th anniversary of AIDS discovery marked in Japan with the closing of the 22-year old litigation between Tanabe-Mitsubishi Seiyaku KK Tanabe-Mitsubishi logoTanabe-Mitsubishi logo and patients affected by HIV-tainted blood products; leading anti-malpractice advocate and HIV-sufferer became a patient representative in CSIMC ... TM product details in JAD Databases | Generics in JAD Databases

May 31, 2011: JKS News: The special DPC Advisory Group to the Central Social Insurance Medical Council (CSIMC) CSIMC meeting (archival photo)CSIMC meeting (archival photo) announce results for pilot study for the introduction of DPC/PDPS (Diagnosis Procedure Combination/Per-Diem Payment System) in Japan ... CSIMC consulting services

May 24, 2011: Pfizer KK Pfizer Japan headoffice building in TokyoPfizer Japan headoffice building in Tokyo announced a submission for approval in Japan of crizotinib targeting a 4% subset of genetically-sensitive patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) ... previous Pfizer news | Pfizer products in JAD Databases | P&R / Market access consulting

May 17, 2011: Generics update: Teva Pharmaceuticals KK TAPI International logoTAPI International logo - a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. announced the acquisition of the Nagoya-based No. 3 generics maker Tayio Yakuhin Kogyo KK Building with the Headquarters of Tayio Yakuhin Kogyo in NagoyaBuilding with the Headquarters of Tayio Yakuhin Kogyo in Nagoya, as an addition to Teva Japan business of the JV company Teva-Kowa Pharma KK Building with the Headquarters of Teva Pharmaceuticals KK in TokyoBuilding with the Headquarters of Teva Pharmaceuticals KK in Tokyo with aim of 100 billion Yen sales by 2015; the future position of current market leader Nichi-Iko Seiyaku KK Nichi-Iko Seiyaku headofficeNichi-Iko Seiyaku headoffice remains unclear ... Generics in JAD Databases | Generics report preview | P&R / Market access consulting

April 7, 2011: JKS News: Astellas Seiyaku KK Astellas logoAstellas logo forms a partnership with Cell Signaling Technology Inc. Cell Signaling Technology logoCell Signaling Technology logo to develop companion diagnostics (CompanDx) for anti-cancers Astellas Seiyaku KK to buy-out all outstanding shares of JV Perseid Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Perseid Pharmaceuticals logoPerseid Pharmaceuticals logo ... Astellas products in JAD Databases | IVD consulting

April 2, 2011: JKS News: The MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo released the complete list of the Phase II Advanced Medical Technologies (AMT) Program, featuring 89 newer areas for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, screening diagnostics, personalized therapies ... Healthcare trends consulting

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