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September 26, 2011: Generics update: Teva Seiyaku KK TAPI International logoTAPI International logo - a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., following the acquisition in May of the Nagoya-based No. 3 generics maker Taiyo Yakuhin Kogyo KK Building with the Headquarters of Tayio Yakuhin Kogyo in NagoyaBuilding with the Headquarters of Tayio Yakuhin Kogyo in Nagoya, turns the Teva's other Japan business of the JV company Teva-Kowa Pharma KK Building with the Headquarters of Teva Pharmaceuticals KK in TokyoBuilding with the Headquarters of Teva Pharmaceuticals KK in Tokyo into wholly-owned subsidiary and becomes the market leader with 69.4 billion yen annual sales ... Generics in JAD Databases | Generics report preview

September 5, 2011: Flu pandemic in Japan (update 16) - desinfectants: After the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) released on August 29 a warning that H5N1 avian flu could spread again, the share price of Taiko Pharmaceutical Co. (TSE: 4574) Taiko Seiyaku KK logoTaiko Seiyaku KK logo - a major maker of sanitary and desifectant products increased rapidly ... Anti-flu products in JAD Databases | Epidemiology consulting and data

August 8, 2011: JKS News: The Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists (JSHP) JSHP Headoffice in TokyoJSHP Headoffice in Tokyo has approved 6,294 Drug Interview Forms - extended product profiles (monographs) detailing the approved prescription drugs for hospital use ... Hospital formularies consulting

July 8, 2011: JKS News: The MHLW MHLW Headoffice in TokyoMHLW Headoffice in Tokyo requested the Social Security council the mental disorders (including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, suicidal behavior, insomnia and others) to be included ahead of regular 2013 revision in the local government health plans as the fifth major disease group of public health concerns; since 1996 the number of sufferers increased with about 30%, while diabetes (ranked second) and cancer (ranked third) increased moderately against the backdrop of decreased incidences of stroke (ranked fourth) and cardio-vascular diseases (ranked fifth) ... Psychiatric treatment guidelines consulting | CNS products in JAD Databases | Depression report preview | Epidemiology data in Japan | Archived news

July 6, 2011: JKS News: Research group of Daiichi Sankyo KK Daiichi-Sankyo brandmarkDaiichi-Sankyo brandmark reported slightly positive preliminary conclusions from the Phase III SHIELD study (Study of Household Influenza prophylaxis Effect of Long-acting anti-influenza Drug) by using Inavir (laninamivir octanoate, CS-8958), raising the possibility that the drug could stockpiled by the government for future epidemics and pandemics ... Daiichi Sankyo products in JAD Databases | Japan Pharma Market Access Reports on Bloomberg Professional

July 1, 2011: JKS News: The Government reached a settlement with the last 450,00 hepatitis B plaintiffs, what should open a multi-million HBV and HCV patients market ... Previous hepatitis news | Epidemiology consulting and data | Hepatitis reports | Related sources |

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